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BMO Recycling Event 2012

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Recycling events: Did you know that MRK Group Ltd will run your recycling event? Understanding your goals is the first step in designing your event.

Among the common motivations for hosting a Recycling Event are:

  • Compliance with a law or policy
  • Encourage reuse and charitable donations
  • Increase solid waste diversion
  • Decrease toxicity in the solid waste stream
  • Keep all computers from households out of the trash
  • Provide an environmentally sound system for managing all electronics

Some programs collect any and all electrical and electronic equipment. If the objective of the program is to maximize diversion from disposal, this may be an appropriate strategy. It may, however, be quite costly. Many of these items contain circuit boards and/or batteries but have little or no value to the recycler. In fact, there may be a cost to properly recycle the materials, particulary in the case of air conditioners and dehumidifiers which contain CFC's (cholorofluorocarbon).

Another fundamental question is who may participate in the program. Define the audience that you are trying to reach:

  • Residents
  • Schools
  • Municipal buildings
  • Small businesses
  • These are just a few items to consider. Talk to MRK Group Ltd to help guide you through this process. We have the experience.

    At the top is a short video of one of our Recycling Events taken at Maine Township in Park Ridge.

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